None of the promotional screenshots I’ve seen of Dorico’s orchestral output features sub brackets between matching instruments. Will the initial release have the option to include them?

Yes, Knut, that’s the plan. At the moment Dorico doesn’t really know a huge amount about the underlying instruments held by players, so things like bracketing and barline grouping are only provisional at this stage, but this is certainly something that will be built upon before the initial release.

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Hi Daniel! I thought I had responded to this thread but I guess it didn’t go through. I too am wondering about the sub-brackets. Instead of brackets like this promo shot:

I would generally organize the same score like this:

Do you think a similar staff setup is something that might be possible to do in Dorico? That’s how my clients are accustomed to seeing scores and is more or less the same way Elaine Gould configures her scores on pg 509 of Behind Bars.

Sure, as I said to Knut, that’s the plan. We don’t have rich enough instrument definitions right now to make this possible, but once we have our better instrument definitions implemented we will be able to return to the world of staff labelling and bracketing and finish it all off.

Thanks! So you are anticipating this functionality will be in the release version, correct? Or do you think it will coming at some point after the initial release?

I am anticipating that it will be in the first released version. Because it’s not yet done, it’s possible that some awful situation might arise that would prevent it from making it in, but we plan for it to be there.

Great! Just the answer I was hoping to hear :smiley: