Subcontrabassoon and custom transposing instruments

Richard Bobo’s life project at

This instrument is still in the prototype phase, and it uses the bass-15 clef, which is native to Dorico.

+1 to clefs with ‘15’, ‘22’ (for Bobo’s Gigarackett), ‘27’ and so on…for all clefs.

I am writing a sonata for Subcontrabassoon (crazy waste of time, I know), and I want to have HALsonic or other instrument libraries be able to transpose two octave below written pitch.

Much to my consternation, HALsonic does not have a native contrabassoon instrument. Had it, I would be able to transpose down easy enough.

Is it possible to create a custom transposing instrument in Dorico 3.5 (I’m getting 4.0 soon.). Thanks, all!

Dorico 3.5 on Mojave (because I still want to play my Steam Library natively on my Mac - lol)

Your best bet would probably be to get Noteperformer… since it isn’t sampled, it’s instruments don’t have range liimits.

Then just set a custom transposition to make it sound an additional octave lower than written.

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Like so…
01 - Full score - Untitled Project 2.pdf (27.5 KB)

Subcontra Demo.dorico (483.6 KB)
(Made in 4.0.20, but should open in 3.5… I think)