subdivision beaming

I want to write a time signature 6+6/16 with a secondary beaming [3+3]+[3+3] 16:ths. That’s a 3+3+3+3 / 16 but the main beats on 6+6/16:ths. Now, when i get the 6+6/16 time signature Dorico automatically beams the 16:ths in group of [2+2+2]+[2+2+2] (as shown in attached pic.) but I want to tell Dorico I prefer [3+3] + [3+3] groups. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Here is a solution :
Enter the first bar with the 6+6/16 meter marking, and in the second bar, input [3+3+3+3]/16 in the meter popover, click on it, and in the properties panel (cmd-8), hide the meter. Dorico should perform the beamings you are expecting — except for the first bar, but it is quite easy to do it by hand (right click | Beaming menu | Beam or Break beams)

Hope it helps !

But I think the OP meant breaking secondary beams 3+3, not primary beams…, no?

You are right, I did not read it carefully enough… Not sure this is possible yet.

Thanks for your input!
And yes, it’s considering the secondary beaming, as shown in the sample I manually edited: