Submenu Opening on Left Instead of Right

Ok, small problem here but my sub-menus are now opening on the left side of the menu instead of the right side. I have searched the manual for the last hour and cannot find a place to change it back. Any help would be appreciated.



Have you installed any kind of pen input device? Windows automatically sets itself to right handed mode if you do. That means it will open menus to the left of your hand so you can still see them even with your hand in front of the screen.

For some reason it is convoluted to revert this setting in Windows 10. Here is a random website that explains how to do it (untested):

I"m not talking about context window. It’s the submenu when I right click on a wav file in the project window the menu opens correctly on the left side of the mouse but when I place my cursor over the arrow to open a sub menu It appears on the left side of the original menu instead of directly under my mouse to make the selection causing me to have to move my mouse across the menu from right to left to select my option. Windows performs normally and do the toolbar sub menus. Only on a right click menu do I get this behavior.

Did you try the fix in the link I posted?

This sub menu should be opening on the right side of the menu next to the arrow

The solution I linked to you is supposed to fix exactly that.

I tried method Two and it worked! Thanks so much DJW