Subscribing to email

I subscribed to the email delivery version.
But I am also receiving emails from the Cubase, Nuendo, etc. Forums.
Can somebody tell me how I can restrict this to Dorico postings, please?

In your user preferences area, check which categories you are watching under Notifications, and check what settings you have under Emails.

Thanks, Daniel.

Is it necessary to mute all the categories I dont want, or do I just select Dorico in the Watched categories?


I believe it’s sufficient only to add the Dorico category to the list of watched categories, rather than to explicitly mute the others. (But I’m pretty much just as new to Discourse as you are so it’s possible I’m wrong!)

I did both, and it seems to work fine. I’m now just getting Dorico postings. (I have to assume that I am getting them all!)