subscription models monthly payments

Some Company’s are going in this direction I hope Steinberg is not ,
The Idea of paying a monthly subscription,
I dropped Photoshop because of this Im a passionate photographer but not
a pro, as well as a musician I love recording :open_mouth:

A big NO from me on subscriptions. :nerd:

A very ingenious scheme of milking it’s customers out of every dollar they can :unamused:

Just say No kids!

I for one would never get roped into such a scheme. I’m not the constant upgrading type, but any company doing this would be the day I never upgrade a single product from them again.

if its anything like the new Sonar price plan, then you have a choice - buy outright and pay for future updates whether u like or not, as u have paid already or go down the subscription route, get tied in for a year and pay more for the privilege. the following year u get a discount?

what if the product released does not work as advertised and full of bugs?

opens up a can of worms. no to paying for my fix monthly

Been there, done that! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think MICROSOFT OFFICE rent via monthly sub’s. You used to get it for FREE with a new PC.

I was looking to get the latest version but ended up buying OFFICE 2007 because I refuse to fall victim to this cunning new method.



That’s not true. Yes, Microsoft offer Office 365 which is a subscription service, but you can also just buy the latest office version without a monthly fee.

looks like new Pro tools will be similar in the sense that you save your projects to the cloud and pay monthly for the privilege. oh you are allowed to save three projects for free!

Don’t see that catching on. There are a lot of big name artists who are not going to want the studio to upload their work in progress into a cloud to be hacked and bootlegged before it’s officially released. Could be the demise of PT.

Great I hope there is a lot of feed back on this subject.
I hope Steinberg will listen :smiley:

I hate learning new software as I’ve done so before. However if Steinberg goes this route, that’s exactly what I will do. DON’T DO IT!

Like you said, Microsoft just released the new Office 2019 that can still be bought as a standalone package alongside the 365 (cloud) option for subscription.

If Steinberg would go subscription only I would surely not continue! I highly prefer the way things are now! That way I can still decide for myself if I want to upgrade to the next version of Cubase or any plugin I use so Steinberg does not decide for me.

As they have said many times, they’re not going subscription.


The thread will still get bumped six months from now or so,

If you think about it we are already on the subscription model. We pay every 6 months.

The bad part is with a true subscription model like Avid has is that you not only get random features added you never requested and also very rarely get bug fixes . IMO, it makes them LAZY and why would it not if the money is coming in regardless?

That said I would not be opposed if the FOCUS was on FIXING broken chit

I must have somehow skipped a payment. Maybe once a year?

I was thinking $49 for the .5 upgrade and $99 for the version upgrade. Six months apart from each other, then again, I have been paying these since SX2 so the memory is shot as well :laughing: