Subscription service for sample libraries/plug-ins/Yamaha Hardware Synths/Workstaions

What do you guys think about subscription service ( in additional to purchasing the product without services) for sample libraries, Yamaha hardware synths and workstation ( Just Yamaha Montage is about 4000 USD), plug-ins? This would destroy Roland Cloud.

Of course, we’d like to own VST/sample library over a period of time as in Splice.


Edited: to reflect the service being optional not only way to purchase libraries, …

No subscriptions here ever. Purchase and upgrade works just fine

Hate. The. Idea.

Well the reason is that, we don’t end up with buying TBs of samples. I think this will be more efficient and gives us more flexibility to buy what we realy need and own it if we keep subscribing to it.

Subscriptions give me the chills. :confused:

No one will be forced to subscribe. We assume that this is an optional additional product. ( I put that into my OP as well).

I mentioned my reasons, I hope you guys cast your reasons as well why you don’t like it etc.

I hate subscription-anything for the simple reason that I do not want ongoing overheads. I have other products which currently offer optional subscriptions but I can see it’s only going to go one way once it starts.

I also need to be able to get off the upgrade treadwheel at a time of my choosing yet maintain a fully functioning rig, so I guess it’s about independence and self-reliance as well. For example, what if the company disappears some day (like due to a pandemic – oh wait, that’ll never happen) … at least with Steinberg products and the eLicenser I should expect to be able to work for a reasonable time afterwards.

What Soundman said. Also, if I got ya money, no need for me to do anything for your plugins, just look at AVID not to mention they are forcing everyone into that model. Don’t pay, your app is done. No thanks

Personally, I don’t like the subscription based model because it tends to defocus development. Having a fixed timeframe of releases leads to timid feature development, bold moves are rare, both due to the narrow timeframe, and due to the want for financial future proofing. Why push hard for a big release and risk a company going under when you can have a steady trickle of income and develop slower?

Also. For example I still use Wizoo Darbuka and Latigo. BFD3. I paid for these, and they went under. Wizoo at least, fxpansion is still in business, but generally slow going from what it seems. If they were subscription based, at what condition would the software be at the time of closing? Would I have the option of choosing my favorite version? The most stable? The one with the best performance? When could I stop if I wanted?

I still use Sibelius 6.2 because of this. Many times I have stopped by at avid’s page and thought, maybe I should upgrade? But when it says a perpetual license is 1 year… Please. There’s sophistry, and there’s sophistry.

Plus. To do this, you need a studio (software developers) of ANY quality, but an infrastructure regarding QC, PR, customer service, financial that is top notch. Because, for better or worse, a price of a product IS a bit of an entry barrier. Subscriptions make (should I hope?) the entry cost lower, so many more users bring in the same profits.

Long winded, but there you have it. TL;DR, I like to save up, buy, use, and forget about it.

Almost like you read my mind.