Subsequent change of project folder path possible?

My problem is probably not new: After saving a project to another folder (CTRL+ SHIFT + S), recordings are still saved in the “old” folder. Is there no way to change this afterwards? (Apart from using the “back-up” function.)
Setting a new recording folder in the pool does not solve the problem, unfortunately, as the project folder is still linked to the old storage path.

Is there an option in Nuendo, which I may have overlooked, that allows me to change the project folder path afterwards?

File>Backup Project… is the correct method.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I had “feared” that.
It’s a pity that the is not automatically adjusted when using “Save as…”.


Do any DAWs automatically copy your media over when using “save as…”? The way Nuendo behaves seems standard to me. “Save As” is just to save it as a new name, not copy the whole project to a different folder.

Okay, not a DAW, but our authoring program offers the possibility to change the path of the project folder afterwards. A pop-up appears asking whether the new location should only be used for future files or also for the existing files. These will then be moved.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea if Nuendo would allow a change of the project folder path afterwards. This could be done independently of the “Save as…” function and with a similar message as in our authoring program. In the pool, things are merged from different sources anyway. (Unless they are explicitly copied to the folder).

Would be the little sister of the back-up function. :grinning:

What’s is the problem with using “backup Project”?
More clicks? (no)
The extra options that Backup Project has?
I really don’t understand.


In Sequoia, when you save, the project folder is also changed accordingly. Therefore, I am used to this behavior. I like to use the function to quickly create a different variant of a project (for example, a different language version).
In Nuendo it is more than just one click. Create a back-up, then “Save as” to assign a new file name. And then, depending on what I’m trying to do, I have to delete the old folder in a third step.

I now know that I need to implement my wish using a back-up. Question answered. All is fine. :grinning:
Still, I may wish that there is a way in Nuendo to change the path of the project folder without fuss. Either as a separate function or as part of a “Save as/copy” function. So please do not take it personally. Just my opinion.

With all due respect, the only difference between what you’re asking for and what already exists is the name of the feature.


This I see differently, but it is, as already written, all good.

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I’m trying to understand what you actually want.
Save as = same folder - you can give the .npr a different name.
(I use _Dia_Edit - _SFX Drop - _Reconform - _Premix - _Mix , ect …)
With “Save as”, there is only one “Project Folder”, all audio , video, whatsoever is saved within that folder)
Backup Project = Project saved into new folder.
(I use this for Foreign langiage dubbing and other stuff that doesn’t belong in the original forlder/Project)
With “Backup project” you have the option to skip unused files, minimize files, etc …
That way your new folder is “cleaned” and there are no files that are referenced to another folder.
And rightly so, because if you want to revisit something from years ago, you might get into trouble with all these files that reside in different folders.

“Save as” = Same project, same files, .npr file renamed.
“Backup project” = New project with only the needed files into new folder.

Can you explain what exactly needs to change/added to meet your workflow?
Not arguing, just trying to understand.


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Once you know how it works, it’s all good. It does though open doors for user error.

I just dug myself out of a hole because of that. Now I know better and would use ‘Backup Project’ and ‘Save As Template’ instead. But alas I didn’t, because I assumed ‘Save As’ would work as it does in many other apps.

And it’s not readily apparent. The ‘project folder’ is not mentioned in the ‘Project Setup’ dialog. In fact that does have field ‘Project Location’ which points to the new folder and makes you think that all is good. It’s not until you go to the Pool and start managing audio files that you realize you created a shit storm an hour ago, because at the top of the Pool is the only place I’ve seen where it tells you where that folder is and you can’t change it. And now you have a major clean up task.

One could rightfully say RTFM (read the… manual) before operating heavy machinery. But reality is we don’t always have time for that.

So from a UI design perspective it would be nice (a) maybe have ‘Save As’ be more descriptive about it, and (b) have the Project Setup dialog be more clear where the project file is vs. where the project folder is, which doesn’t seem to be the same thing. I had check the Project Setup but not the Pool when I did the original ‘Save As’.

My use case was - starting a new project, I figured rather than starting from scratch, I use a recent project that worked well, and do a ‘Save As’ to build an empty shell that I can then duplicate for new projects to save setup time. So I was not making a ‘backup’ of the project in a traditional sense, but rather was attempting to make an independent copy of the project. Which worked, except for the pool’s project folder location which is somewhat under the hood.

Along with it creates some potential risk. After my ‘Save As’ I cleared a whole lot of things out of the pool from the old project, thinking I was working on a copy. Once I realized the mix-up I did sanity check my original project worrying that I may have created damage, but apparently the pool is part of the project file, not the project folder location, so all is good. But you can see where this can lead when it’s not as transparent.

Unintended irony? One did not have time to use the docs, but then lost much more time as a result.

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Fair enough. It’s like playing the odds. I’ve been in around tech 30 odd years. Most of the time works out as there are some unwritten norms, but once in a while you shoot yourself in the foot.

If you do work in one app for years on end you do understand all its idiosyncrasies. I actually do work in multiple apps (Nuendo, Avid, Nuke, Flame, Cine4D, Resolve). Between them their manuals would amount to 30K pages, and some don’t even have manuals anymore, YT tutorials only as things change so fast. So Manuals are not always practical.

Not arguing, just observing.

This is a difficult one, maybe. Personally, I would expect that Save As allows me to save under a new name and continue working on the same project, or if I just want an incrementing number appended to the project’s name, Save New Version.

Cubase works precisely the same in this regard as Pro Tools, for example.

Once can also simply try the function and observe what it does, of course, before using it production.

Indeed. What you describe is done a lot as well for the reasons you describe, with this and other apps. Though often the correlation between the project file and the rest is derived from the project files’ folder, not a saved path. Or in other cases the saved path is a configurable setting in the project settings. I can understand that architecturally Nuendo may make this path immutable as not to worry about what should happen when someone changed it mid-way.

What throws this all for a loop is what you see in these screenshots. One is the ‘Project Setup’ and one is the ‘Pool Project Location’. Maybe the ‘Project Folder’ has to be added to ‘Project Setup’ even if you can’t change it. It would make it more clear how the application is operating.

Screenshot 2022-08-06 132523

This is from the ‘Save As’ result btw, both screenshots from the same project.