Subtitle and Arranger

I am once again hitting my head against the wall trying to figure out how to do yet another thing that should be on by default: How to display subtitle and arranger in the full score and parts.

I think that post was a bit rude. (Post has been edited since)

You need to make sure the tokens for those two items are in the relevant text boxes in Engrave mode. e.g. {@projectarranger@} And, obviously you need to have data in those fields in the Project Information dialog so that there is something to display.

Does this help at all?

…and to slightly build on Daniel’s point, it’s sensible to edit the Page Templates to include those tokens, as adding them to individual pages within Engrave mode won’t propagate them to other layouts in your project.

Add a text frame in the Page Templates, with the relevant Tokens, which you can then fill in in Project Info.

Not every work is an arrangement, nor has a subtitle.


Using my discretion as moderator for the forum, I’ve edited the original post to remove the unnecessary profanity.

It would be good for Dorico to have more options for what information should appear in page templates by default, and this is something we will add in future versions.


A potential issue here is that “by default” to please one group you would have to add things… that another group will then have to remove.

I almost never use “Lyricist”, for example. Nor “Arranger”. I’m certain there are others for whom “Dedication” is not necessary by default (while it’s almost 100% included in my work.)

The only thing I see is a slightly more “obvious” way of discovering where to enter this information?

I would like see some kind of intelligent page formatting: only when there is information in the project info, the coresponing line for e.g. the Arranger will be added.

Some of the key concepts involved in getting additional information onto your pages (like subtitles, dedications etc) are covered in this recent Discover Dorico session:

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