Subzero commander25 quick controls

Got a budget midi controller subzero commandkey25 for christmas
mostly so i had tunable knobs for quick controls
but when i activate learn and assign
they are only shifting each assigned parameter about 0.5 instead of 127,
very frustrating - am i doing something daft please help

ive just got this keyboard and having the EXACT same problem.
Did you find a work around for this at all ?!

i mainly got this to control channel strip knobs, but the knobs are turning -0.4 - +0.9 and resetting the the centre any time i touch them.

This keyboard has a Setup software where you can change the mode of operation of the different controllers. The encoders can be set to either relative (which is what you are experiencing) and absolute (“regular” 0-127 CC values).
Ideally you set the keyboard to use a relative mode and use MIDI Remote in Cubase to assign them to Quick Controls e.g.