Success! Downloading files.

Hi Folks,

For some time now I have been unable to download files without corruption or download a file and the setup fails. Rather frustrating.

I have been following posts from everyone and even the Stenberg presence (Germany and locally) to no avail.

I even download NordVPN but that failed as well. I tried the German and American servers.

I tried again tonight and picked New Zealand and found I was able to download the following:

  • Steinberg Download Assistant.
  • Cubase 10 .50 update.
  • Cubase 10.5 update.

No problems at all, everything worked as expected.

All up to date, great!

Hi Folks,

A bit more information.

File sizes are the same.
Corrupt: 111,116,768 bytes.
Good: 111,116,768 bytes.

However, file size on disk is different:
Corrupt: 111,120,384 bytes
Good: 112,124,480 bytes.

I did a byte comparison between the two files and it all falls apart after 84,480,500 bytes as you can see below.

Offset Corrupt Good
0 80 80 - same
1 148 156 - different
2 229 229 - same
3 116 116 - same
4 221 221 - same
5 182 182 - same
6 31 27 - different
7 142 142 - same
8 78 110 - different
9 140 140 - same
10 200 200 - same

Somethings obviously up.

It’s definitely not the Steinberg site. Because I just downloaded the full and update version of Cubase Pro 10.5 last night?

Seeing you have multiple issues with downloading files that arrive corrupt? I would suggest you do a ‘full’ virus scan. Because it’s not normal that downloads become corrupted on this scale!

It could also well be that your system memory is giving up and causing this issue? So definitely also try to test your RAM?

Hi Nickeldome,

I took your advice and ran a virus scan and memory test, both were successful.

I have tried downloading the files on three computers A Windows desktop, a Window laptop and a Mac Book Pro all fail to download files.

Thanks for your input.