Sudden Cubase 9 error/crash

Hello folks

Cubase 9 user here.
Have any other users noticing a lot of crashes lately?
Cubase has been working pretty much flawlessly for months and months, but yesterday while working on my project I had a couple of crashes, and today I had 3!
Not full crashes, but a box pops up saying that Cubase has become unstable or something and that I should save my project immediately.
Anyone else noticed this behaviour?
There have been a few updates to Windows 10 over the last few days so I’m wondering if this might be causing it.
I’m really hoping it isn’t some kind of corruption blossoming in my save file.
Any thoughts?



Could you attach the DMP file, please?
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Hi Martin

Thanks - I just tried to attach in a reply here, but it says that the file size is too large.
The most recent .dmp is 2563KB - is that unusually large?


Upload it to Dropbox or similar service and share the link here, please.

Ok - here’s are some links to the last few dumps.

I have worked yesterday and today without a crash. I did briefly have an excess of EW Spaces plugins in the project - I have removed them again. Maybe they were the problem.

Curious as to what these dumps show!


As far as I can see, this is Cubase 9.0.10. Update to the latest Cubase 9.0.40, please.

You can also try to start Cubase in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences].

If it’s still crashing, attach the new *.dmp files, please.

Ooh yes, you’re right - I’m on 9.0.10!
I would update now instantly, but I’m wary of updating while in the middle of a project. Wouldn’t this be risky?
If it keeps crashing I may have to, but for now it seems ok.
In the meantime, are you unable to give an analysis of the 9.0.10 dumps?


I don’t think it’s risky to update in the middle of project. Cubase 9.0.40 was the final release of Cubase 9.0 generation, so it should be really stable.

I could resolve Cubase 9.0.10 crash, but it costs time. Then if the crash would be in Cubase, I would need to spend another time to investigate if exactly this crash has been fixed in later Cubase 9.0.x update. This would really cost some significant time.

So I would recommend to update first (what I would recommend in any case). If it’s still crashing, there is lower probability it’s on Cubase side and makes more sense to resolve the *.dmp file.

Thanks very much for your help Martin!