Sudden freezes. 8-/ Is there a problem with Steinberg's Online License? EDIT: No, it's GPU-related

Out-of-the-blue I’m experiencing sudden, complete freezes of Nuendo 12 under Windows 10 today. This setup runs regularly since several years now, and nothing obvious changed. As a matter of fact I was about to finish a mix I created last week, without any freezes at all.

Any ideas? Windows’ Task Manager lists the License Handler as frozen task - is this a pointer to a pending problem, maybe?

@Steinberg: Do Nuendo’s freeze-dumps help to hunt down the cause for this issue? (… see below)


Nuendo 64bit 2024.6.17 (2.8 MB)
Nuendo 64bit 2024.6.17 (3.0 MB)
Nuendo 64bit 2024.6.17 (2.9 MB)


… audio plays on forever, without interruptions, although the app itself is frozen.

I don’t have an answer fro you but have you at least restarted the machine?

The crash is in atio6axx.dll, presumably an AMD product

Thanks or asking - yes, that was the first thing I did, of course. :slight_smile:

I also tried to start over with an empty new session, but as soon as I import my usual mix-bus section, there will be a freeze either a few seconds or a few minutes later. I don’t see a pattern yet … 8-/

Are you using AMD Radeon video? I think that’s what the dmp file is pointing to.

This is a library that is known for several problems.

Do you have the AMD Adrenalin software installed? If yes, remove it and Install Just the Basic drivers for your graphics Card.


Following the suggestion of @JuergenP my system assembler and I finally installed the basic AMD driver from their “Pro” download (i.e. non-“Adrenalin”), and it seems as this indeed cured the issue. fingers crossed

… the strange thing is that “Adrenalin” was never installed consciously, so it’s certainly something to look out for again in case similar situations arise.



PS: And as a follow-up to the alleged “license problem”: It turned out that I had an old, unused version of Steinberg’s VST Connect on the system, which still used eLicenser and therefore contributed to the confusion. 8-]

Perfect, good to know that it helped getting the problem solved.