Sudden Huge amount of Latency?! I´ve SAVED my Project doing this!

Hi Folks,

I´m new to this Cubase Forum. I´ve encountered a massive amount of LATENCY when trying to record guitars and expand my project ( after having refurbished this particular one after 8 long years)!

So, I´ve decided to seek some help on this Forum which, unfortunately, didn´t end up with any.
Looking desperately for help, I stumbled on a topic…posted way back 2015!!! I just hope he was able to save his project.

I stopped reading the forum and started Cubase 11 Pro again!

To cut this long Story(excitment ) short, I opened the Project again AND LOOKED AT THE LAST TIME SLOT I BACKED IT UP! I clicked on the " .bak" one at a time, BACKWARDS from the last time I saved my project…AND TOOK NOTE OF THE TIME.

After clicking on,say, the third from the last “.bak”, THERE WAS NO LATENCY AT ALL.
I saved my project from there and ERASED ALL “.cpr” and “.bak” THAT CAME AFTER IT !

This worked on my project and I hope it can save everyone´s projects!
Bitteschön;-)2022-09-24T22:00:00Zstrong text