Sudden Latency with 6.0.5 update`

I updated Cubase 6.0.4 to .5 only to get an unplayable latency. I’ve never had an issue since SX2 with my EMU 1616M and latency no matter if I ran it on my laptop or desktop. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall up to 6.0.4 only to have the same results. My computer is a dedicated recording desktop and doesn’t even go online unless I’m updating software or hardware. What could cause something like this?

Are you working in 64bit? For some reason Im getting horrible latency with the Apogee Ensemble when running in 64bit, monitoring MIDI or audio. This is independent of buffer size settings. Can you try something for me - when you get the latency if you subsequently change the buffer size to something (doesnt matter what) and back again, or change the audio driver to something else and back again - does the problem go away? Thats what happens here. Although Cubase in 32bit is fine.


You have checked that the driver hasn’t switched to another by itself? It’s happened to me before.

That’s the first thing I thought of Rod. I went to EMU and got the latest Patch Mix and Drivers and did a “Virgin” install but no success. Trying to monitor recording guitar in Cubase is unplayable. The latency is too much even set at 3ms. I tried changing buffer settings back and forth and did another fresh install of Cubase up to .5. I was over at my buddies house today and he just got the 824 usb and he’s having the same problem with audio and some midi. Steinberg told me it’s pretty much an EMU problem so I think I’m going to have to go back to Cubase 5 if I can’t figure this out. Thanks for your responses. I am working in Cubase 64 bit.

I had the same problem but as Rod pointed out this was because Cubase had switched from using the correct ASIO driver (RME in my case) to using one of the general ASIO drivers that come with Cubase.

I just switched it back to RME and all is as before.

it works just fine for me in 64-bit :confused:

Hey Guys
Up all night crying in my Scotch while doing searches for my audio problems. Came across an forum piece that mentions problems with high performance video cards that have HD audio capability and remembered I had done a driver update on my video card. :bulb: I’m going to check into that tonight and will let you know if that fixes it.
Thanks for replies

So I don’t think it’s a video card issue. Reinstalled original card and same problem. I opened up some old Cubase 5 projects in Cubase 6 and everything is fine. No latency on any Audio or Midi channels monitoring in real time. The only projects I’m getting latency in is 2 new 6.0.5 projects that were saved. EMU is running 3ms in all the old projects from C5 and no cracks or pops. I don’t know what could have corrupt the new projects but I’m going to save the audio files and scrapt the projects and see if I can open some new ones and start over.

Any thoughts?

Does it happen while running Cubase in 32bit?

I don’t use 32bit anymore because of the memory issue. Cubase and BFD2 drums take almost 2gigs by themselves. Fixed the latency issue but now I’m having issues with freezes. I think it has to do with BFD2. Got a crash dump last night and see if I can send it in.

I think that I’ve seen mention before of Emu drivers that the latest may cause issues with some systems. Remedy is to use the last driver before the latest (Vista 64 driver + Vista emulation and as Administrator on W7 x 64 bit :exclamation: ) if they work.
I find Emu drivers to be confusing to decipher what versions they’re for sometimes and I guess it might be easy to get the wrong one.

Did you find out if it is related to BFD2? I have the same issue, 64 bit win 7, 32 bit Cubase 6.05.


Yes Timmy, BFD2 was causing the crashing and freezing issues. I updated the newest from BFD2 v2.3.0.31. I haven’t used Cubase in 32 bit yet so I don’t know if would fix your issue, but give it a try.