Sudden low output level on URRT2


i am a user of the UR-RT 2 audio interface and perhaps you can help me or give me an indication to solve my problem (contact on the Steinberg forum, other users…)

I connect a Yamaha VL-70m synthesizer with a Yamaha WX5 wind Controller to the line Input N° 3 on the back of the interface into my DAW. (the front inputs are used for an electric bass - the Hi-Z input, and a condenser microphone - the Nbr 2)

Everything was doing fine, with a good monitoring and recording level from the Line Input N°3/VL-70m, until yesterday when :

  • I tried to change some parameters with the channel strip plug-in, by turning the “Morph” button;
  • As soon as I turned this “Morph” button, the output volume of the VL-70m went down. I tried to manipulate the parameter of the channel strip to go back, but the overall level remained low.
  • this level, as it appears in the Vu Meter both in the DspMix and in the DAW, is less than 50% of the previous level…

I tried to reinstall the tools for UR-RT 2 (the driver, the applications and the basic FX suite), but I didn’t notice any change.

In addition, I noticed that the level from my guitar or my bass connected with the Hi-Z input on the front panel also seems lower. I didn’t try with the microphone.

This is very annoying, and I would appreciate help on this problem, as I use a lot this interface to produce music on a daily basis.

Thank you.