Sudden mutes to groups and stereo out

Since update to 11.0.20 - while working, all of a sudden nothing is going into groups and stereo out.
Audio tracks meters all continue working while groups and stereo out just show and sound nothing.
Creating a new group will put sound through but still won’t go to stereo output, but will go to cue sends.
Need to close project and re-open it once it happens, nothing else doesn’t solve it.


Try to click the Deactivate All Mute States button, even if it’s not enabled, please. Does it help?

Did not help.
Nothing is muted, triple checked all routing, disabled plugins, reset the driver, disabled suspend VST, and many other things… nothing works except reopening the project.

I work on the project for some time, everything works as expected.
I play and stop countless times, and then randomly in one of those times the sound just doesn’t come back.
Happens again and again, in random places in the projects.

Uploaded a video here if it may help understand the issue better.


Could you make a screenshot from the MixConsole, where we could see the whole routing path, please?

Just out of interest, could you select any valid Input on the source Audio Track, please? Does it help?

Sorry, I didn’t understand your last question.

To make it clear -
My stereo out goes to the first audio track, which goes out to a cue send.
But once the mute happens, trying a basic stereo out routing also behaves the same.


Why you don’t send it to the Cue bus directly from the Output, please?

It’s just matter of personal working preference, that way I can quickly reference latest export to current version with monitor on/off.

Anyway, I found the problem.
It’s not cubase, kind of embarrassing after all of this. :slight_smile:
My Arturia plugins licenses failed, the plugins moved to demo and they mute after 20 minutes, had no indication of that, and it happened at the same day I updated cubase.

So, thank you, and really sorry for taking so much of your time with this. :flushed: