Sudden Poor Audio Performance Plug ins?

Cubase 12 pro 12.0.60

I’m experiencing a sudden poor audio performance. This occurred last week out of no where. My performance metter use to be very low where as now the asio guard is half way and the peak also. From time to time hitting the red.
Regardless if I increase or lower my buffer size on the RME Babyface pro. Does no difference.
Has anyone ever had this sudden issue?

Can this be from Izotope ozone 10 that I just installed? Even if the plug ins are inactive?
I’ve also uninstalled and re-installed plugins
Is it possible I need to format and reinstall everything from scratch?
I’m currently at that stage of wiping and doing a fresh install.

Your advice would be much appreciated.



Any OS (hidden) update or any other update?

I formatted windows and it solved the problem.

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