Sudden strange problems with quantize or something


First of all I have cubase studio 5. I dont know what happened but first I realized that in midi edit mode, the snap/quantize button had changed. It is grey and the drop down menu has disappeared. If I click it, it opens a pop up menu where I can change settings, but it’s just too slow. How can I get the drop down menu back?

I’m not sure if it happened while I was trying to fix that but after a while I noticed that all the midi data had also gone completely out of sync. It seems to play back about the same as before, but notes dont match the grid at all, and if I change tempo the notes move relative to grid, as if they’d have frozen to different tempo.

I’m very confused, what happened? Thanks in advance for help!

You have inadvertently switched the Ruler from “Bars+Beats” to “Seconds”… either in the main Time Display of the Transport Bar, or via the dropdown menu at the top-right of the Key Editor window itself.

Well that makes sense, thank you!! :slight_smile: