Sudden total crash of Cubase 11

Cubase (13.8 KB)
For the first time in ages I have had Cubase (11) just quit on me., the latest version with the the latest 12.2 version of macOS Monterey. I have the .ips crash report but when I try to upload it here it is greyed out and I am unable to upload it. What do I need to do with the crash report in order to upload it?



You can either try to ZIP it and attach or share via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Zipped crash report added to my original post.


SSD5 is crashing you out. Make sure you check for updates with SSD5 from you SSD5 account. Slate SUCKS at getting us updates BTW, very rare.

Go to Applications and open Steve Slate Audio Center app. Click on updates

Thread 124 Crashed:: Vst Prefetch Thread 3
0 SSDSampler5 0x147313909 0x146e39000 + 5089545
1 ??? 0xffffffffffffff82 ???
2 SSDSampler5 0x1474cc63e 0x146e39000 + 6895166
3 SSDSampler5 0x1472708ab 0x146e39000 + 4421803
4 SSDSampler5 0x14709a9a8 0x146e39000 + 2496936
5 SSDSampler5 0x147046748 0x146e39000 + 2152264
6 VSTPlugManager 0x11a439f45 0x11a3e8000 + 335685
7 Cubase 11 0x10a54168a 0x109428000 + 17929866
8 Cubase 11 0x10aad47e6 0x109428000 + 23775206
9 Cubase 11 0x10aaaaefc 0x109428000 + 23604988
10 Cubase 11 0x10aafe06b 0x109428000 + 23945323
11 Cubase 11 0x10aa9493d 0x109428000 + 23513405
12 Cubase 11 0x10b14097c 0x109428000 + 30509436
13 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x7ff81ebf34f4 _pthread_start + 125
14 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x7ff81ebef00f thread_start + 15

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I just checked, but I have the latest version 1.2.4 (also known as 5.5.4) from March last year!

Anyway thanks for pointing that out, I use SSD5 all the time.


Get in contact with the plug-in developer, please.

Slate Audio Center = 2.3.6. Make sure this is current as the app holds the license location there.
SSD5.5. version =5.5.4
SSD5 Plugin version = 1.2.4

Im also on Monterey 12.2.1 here as well. Cubase 11.0.41 Build 448

  1. Try rescanning the plugins in Cubase in the plugin manager
  2. You could try trashing the preferences and letting Cubase rebuild them.
  3. Don’t expect Slate to update anything with SSD5.5. All he is about is his everything bundle these days. Slate drums is an afterthought now.

**I haven’t had it crash here in C11 yet.

All my Slate are the same versions you have got there. This is the first time I have a crash with since upgrading to Cubase 11 and Monterey. For what it is worth I have sent a support request to Slate with my crash report but based on previous experience I don’t expect any substantial response. A shame as I really like SSD5, the sound and it’s really easy to use, I have BFD3 but don’t really get on with it, I used to have Superior as well but again I didn’t really get on with it, but perhaps I should give it a go again.

You should put BFD in the dumpster where it belongs with their licensing app that shows you are not licensed all the time. InBrandMusic has killed it. I hate the interface as well. Sounds are good. Its off my system now. I don’t have time for licensing errors nor crashes here

SD3 is the best out there IMO at this point. (NEVER an issue)

You could try EZ2 as well as it is less cumbersome unless you NEED those functions of SD3.

AD2 has a sound quality issue IMO and they NEVER update anything with it.

Also, which Monterey version are you using?

I would encourage you to trash the Cubase prefs if you can and give SSD5 another try.

C12 should fix all the plugin issues LOL


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], b before you trash the preferences, please?

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X

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I don’t currently have BFD installed but still own a licence. When I had Superior it was SD2 but I sold the licence. I will think about SD3, it’s a pretty expensive plugin! I did trial EZ but felt I needed something in-between EZ & SD:-)

I am on Monterey 12.2.1 as of this morning.

I have just had a reply from Slate, they asked me to rescan the plugins in Cubase and for screenshots of Cubase plugin manager plugin paths & physical plugin paths. Then got me to uninstall & reinstall SSD5.5.

Since the crash yesterday it has been running fine and currently I use SSD5.5 all the time. I will see how it goes.

If it happens again try SAFE START like Martin said.

SAFE START should be PINNED somewhere here but I don’t see it.