Sudden white noise bursts

I’m beginning to get deafening sudden white noise bursts. They are just happening on one seemingly random channel, even if it has no plugins or any processing enabled on the channel, and even if I create a new track and copy the audio to it it still happens.

The only way to stop it is to restart Cubase.

Any ideas what this could be?

Sure sounds like an old school demo product limitation, but you say there are no plugins on the channel.

Total shot in the dark.

Indeed, but as I say there are no plugins in the track, and it’s ear splittingly high in volume. Way above the volume of the intermittent white noise some demo plugins I know of make.

Had similar problems, I had Plugin Alliance plugins v 3.1 installed, that was the cause. Removed from the vst folder and cubase was working well again !

What interface are you using? I had a Line 6 DI, usb connection, a few years back that would do the same thing. One of the updates screwed something up, and the computer would disconnect from the driver. The squeal was loud enough that it blew the tweeter in my left monitor. Line 6 updated the driver, and it went away. I quickly switched to a different interface.

I also had this happen to a friend when he hooked his usb interface up to a hub instead of the computer, and it did the same thing. Moved it to the computer, and it went away.

I have a couple of Plugin Alliance plugins but I haven’t used any in the projects with issues.

It’s so strange that it can be fine for an hour then suddenly just start, with only a restart of Cubase that will fix it.

RME Babyface, connected directly to my desktop. I haven’t updated the drivers in about 6 months though. I’ll try that now just in case it does fix my issue.