Suddenly 1 project playback become 3 times slower

i tried other projects, it seems ok, but one playback become 3 times slower, NEVER seen before in 2 years of using. I tried changing tempo, but no any change i can hear in playback. I tried many backups of this projects, all same . :open_mouth:

Have you got the sample rate set correctly?


Make sure your Projects’ Sample Rate matches the Audio Device Sample Rate, please.

I’m looking for solving problem and i found this :

Need advice what to do next.
I tested UR22c a few days ago, maybe this started this problem. My old is UR12. (I will use old UR12, can’t find any benefit in UR22)


This is it. Please set the Sample Rate to 44.1kHz or 48.kHz according to your Audio Device Sample Rate.

If your original project was 41000kHz or 48000 that would explain the difference in the speed of playback. Change the sample rate to the original setting.

Edit: Great minds think alike Martin. Although it has to be said you are a greater mind than me… Well, before someone else points it out!

Sorry for troublemaking, but i’m new in this. So after many problems solving i’ll be good :).

After changing to 44 khz, start playing, but still 4 times slower, vocal disappear, i can see audio, but no playback sound from it. Other sample rates not supported, so question who did that on my project and how go back safe.

So was this project audio recorded in Cubase or was the audio imported? Was this project originally working ok and did you record at 192k sample rate? Did you have a different interface which supported 192k and now you haven’t? Is your audio driver set to the same sample rate Cubase is set to? (Look at the asio control panel) are you using the asio driver for your audio interface?

This is 100% made in Cubase, originally, i think it was on 44 khz 16 bit, i took it from another project ( i never changed there anything), yes several days ago i connected UR22c to test in cubase, but i think, i didn’t opened this particular project, originaly i think Audio driver is set to 512, so this was created on 512, Steinberg USB ASIO.

512 is the buffer size not the sample rate.

Im very sorry 44,1 khz

Ok so the project you showed was set to 192k sample rate. Is this what you recorded at? I’m a bit confused at what the original project was set at and what you have now. You need to match them all up.

i tried convert back to 44 khz 16 bit , music plays about 3 times slow, vocal lost.

It looks i changed something by mistake in project.
I converted once again to 44 khz 16 bit, music sound ok all vocal still sit in 192 khz. On trying all convert to 44 khz, cubase stuck on :

updates: after 4 Cubase stuck , i realize that Cubase is pure with resample multiple files. So it took time for me to do this one by one. It seems everything in place now. Project restored.
During this month i found many places where cubase “not doing well”, i know it’s a complex solution, but some of them gets me mad. It feels that it’s not tested well. I started receive click or snap before vocal audio track recording. I suddenly start understand what is Apple about.

You will see just as many people reporting problems with Apple. The project problem you had was not a Cubase fault but user error.