Suddenly big latency and double notes in project.

I have been working with a project and everything has worked as it should until yesterday when I opened up the same project again, and suddenly there were a rather big hearable latency in Sample Tracks and VST´s, and I get double notes on my JV1080 when played from a MIDI keyboard through Cubase. But its not recording double notes.

But if I start a new project, or open up another old project, with the same settings, everything is OK.

I tried to search for this problem and found a guy with smilar problem but he copied everything and pasted in it in a new project as a solution. But thats a lot of work for me with all the channels and mixer and everything.
And this problem shouldn’t be happening at all with Cubase of course.
Anyone got an idea for an solution?


Could you try to Back Up your project?

Hi, thanks for the suggestion.
I tried to backup the project and tried to save it as a new project, but the problems still exist.

I hope, this is already in Cubase 8…

Could you try to create a new Empty project, and import data from your project?

Yes,I tried that now.
If I create a new project and import data from the old one, everything works fine.
I thought that only the parts in the tracks was copied into the new project, but I see that even the tracks with its settings are copied, thats good.
But the VST synths,inserts and mixersettings are not copied.
So this is a solution with extra work, there still is something wrong with Cubase in the first place I believe, which I think should be corrected.


I’m sorry, it’s still a workaround, but I try to find the Best way for you, to avoid to create the project from scratch.

Now, if you have all data and most of the Track Settings, you can select all Channels (but Instrument Tracks) in the MixConsole, and you can Save Selected Channels from the MixConsole Function menu. Then you can Load Selected Channels in to the new project. Make sure, you have exactly the same order of Channels in the new project, as it is in the old one.

To transfer the Instrument Track settings… The only way I can see is to save the preset of the track for every single individual Instrument track you have in the project, and load it to the new project.

Thank you Martin for your assistance, I really appreciate it.

But I would also want to know from Steinberg if this is a bug or if I did something Im not aware about, so it want happen again.

Now it happened again. :angry:

Im working with a project with ten VST´s and it worked fine in several days, but then suddenly today there is a hearable latency from when I press the key until I hear the sound.
But I tried recording MIDI and the notes end up at the right place, but I hear the sound a little bit after so its awkward to play that way.

If i try reopening Cubase and the project its the same problem, but if I open a new project everything works fine.
Latency numbers in Cubase are the same as always, 6 ms.
And buffersize as I always have, 256 in RME UCX.
Kronos is master keyboard via Korg MIDI driver.

This is really annoying to have to copy evevrything into a new project.

Why is this happening Steinberg?
This kind of issues really kills music creativity!

Sorry, my comment was that I hope the function of import from project is already in Cubase 8. Not this issue is in Cubase 8 already.

Does Cubase show 6ms even with the old project loaded?

Isn’t there any old plug-in in the project?

Sorry Martin, I misunderstand that.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes Cubase show 6 ms in the old project.

I tried now to change the buffersettings in UCX to 48 samples, and then I get 1.938 ms in output latency, and I can hear that the latency has improved a little on the VST synth, but I still can hear the delay between key and sound.
So the latency still affects when I change buffersettings up and down on the sound card, but it is way to long latency compared to normal use.

I only use Cubase own plugins that are included in the Cubase 9.5, except for the only extern VST I use, and that is Arturia CS80V.

I opened up the project I had the same problem with almost exact a year ago, and there were no Arturia VTS in that project, only Cubase own.

Could you share the project, please?

Not the actual project from today, but I took last years project that had the same issue, and only left a Retrologue, and it still has the same issue for me.
Please try it and see if its the same for you.

You can find plenty of posts on the forums, that explain that the multiband compressor (especially when not used in live mode) introduces plenty of latency. That’s how it is.

Thanks, the multiband compressor was the problem.
I never heard about that a Steinberg plugin should cause this kind of problem?

But good to finally find out what caused this issue. :slight_smile:

It’s not a"problem" it is how the MBC works in non-live mode. Info - as always - in the manual…

Yes, its easy to look in the manual when you know where to look, this time I didn’t, but now I know. :slight_smile:
Thanks again for taking your time and helped me out with this, I really appreciate it.