Suddenly Cannot login VST connect pro

Hello, I am running Cubase Pro with Mac Os Mojave 10.14.6 on a Mac Pro (Late 2013)

I have been successfully running VST Connect pro 4.0.2 for over a year.

I started getting login messages that seemed to indicate I had not typed in any credentials. See picture. Then I updated VstConnect and Cubase but nothing changed.
I still get the login error as shown in the picture.

What can I try next, please?

I forgot to add that I can log into Mysteinberg from a browser, my credentials work just fine that way.


Have you updated to Version 4.0.30? Link You can install that version. Your Cubase/VST Connect SE will be updated to 4.0.30
Is it still not working?

Thank you,

Yes I have updated VST/Connect Pro to 4.0.3 and also updated Cubase Pro 10 to latest version. I still get denied logging in to VST Connect.

I have also tried VST connect in multiple projects, and have also tried “repairing” VST Connect instanciation via the VST Cloud menu in cubase. Also tried deleting VST Connect from a project and then re-instanciatin it, still no change for the better.

… could you please contact me? We need to check your account. m.spork ( at )


Looks like VST Connect, only works in Cubase, so why don’t they just call it Cubase Connect.