Suddenly Have Input Latency on Audio Track But Not In New Project

Has anyone else run into an issue here all of a sudden, your audio tracks start showing major latency when recording? This happened with a project I was working on-- and the existing audio tracks and any newly-created tracks have major latency issues (there should be virtually no detectable latency; i was using a buffer setting of 64).

BUT-- when I start a new project, there is no latency issue. Also-- there’s no latency issue on a backup of the problematic project; so somewhere along the line something happened that caused the latest version of the project to have latency issues…


By any chance do you have plugins on your master out? This is a classic issue when people revisit an older project where initially there were no latency-inducing plugins on the master out when they first recorded some audio tracks but added some in the mastering stage. You revisit the project to add new tracks but now you have those plugins on the main out that induce a big latency.

This might be the reason a new project doesn’t show the “problem”.


The first thing I did was disable the plugins I had on the master out-- however, on my backup project the plugins were still there and enable, and there was no latency…

In that case, I have no clue without being in front of your system… Good luck


Hello, i have a similar latency issue since a week but checked the insert plugin thing first but that did n’t work. Setup: Focusrite 18i20 (1st Gen) Cubase 9 Pro. In my Scarlet Mixcontrol selected a audio buffer size of 2,0Ms but in the device setup i see a input latency of almoust 4,9 and output latency of 6,9 Ms. Very annoying…whatever i changed, nothing works… ennyone a idea?

My problem is different (and worse)-- I’m showing a latency of 6 ms, but when I try recording audio, there is about a .25 second delay. It just happened again today, ruining yet another project that I’ll have to rebuild (if I can’t find a backup).