Suddenly hidden flags?

In this little example project I am missing the flags of the eighth notes. This happens suddenly, any idea what is going wrong?

no (380 KB)

To complement the behaviour: it occurs only on new projects.


I can bring them back via Engraving Options>Notes>Stems and then changing Flag design to Default Flags.
Changing it back to Straight Flags brings them back too.


If you find that following the steps Jan suggests doesn’t bring the flags back, then the next things I would try would be to reset the Engraving Options back to their factory defaults, which you can do via the buttons in the bottom left-hand corner of the dialog, and possibly to move the userlibrary.xml file from %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 2 out of the way temporarily and then start a new project to see if that behaves any more sensibly.

Thanks Jan, this works :slight_smile:

If the default flags are set to straight it seems that they will not appear in new files, although on my side it works like that.