suddenly lost metronome

Using LE8 with ZoomR16 and Macbook Pro. After many uses and never an issue, suddenly lost sound on metronome
Always used default settings in Metronome setup which are: Metronome on in record and play (both checked); Activate Audio Click (checked) tone and volume set to my preference;
Click ON in transport.
Tempo Fixed 4/4

Possibly related: at the same time, I didn’t in the past have to go to each channel’s “Edit Channel Settings” dialog box to change the output target from “No Bus” to “Stereo”, but suddenly find I have to do that. Makes me wonder if I have to choose a bus for metronome, but can’t find a place to do that.


Could you check to which bus is metronome routed in the VST Connections > Outputs? Is the Click enabled at any bus here?

There are 2 sections in the Click Outputs area of metronome setup: at the top is:
Activate MIDI Click: I believe default under which it worked in past was checked, but tried it unchecked and it didn’t make click work)
MIDI Port/Channel: default is Not Connected / 10, which I believe it was the setting when it worked in the past, but I tried changing that to Zoom R16 and I couldn’t hear click though I could “see” the click in the midi output section of the transport.
below that is:
Activate Audio Click: default is checked with Beeps enabled and Pitch and Level set to my preference; unchecking it didn’t make clicks work and enabling Sounds brought up window to choose a sound file which I had never had to do in past and don’t have sound files for.

bottom line is I experimented with all these settings without results

just realized you asked if I had a bus selected in VST Connections to rout metronome, not in Metronome Setup. I see nowhere in VST Connections an option to rout metronome. I see inputs and outputs and have both set to Zoom R16


Under the Outputs tabs, there is Click column. Click into it to route the metronome sound to this output bus, please.

my goodness…I was just blind to that (click) column in VST Connections. Thanks. Problem solved (though how I managed to use click for dozens of recordings without ever having to do that, I don’t understand…I suppose something I did recently must have undone all the previous output routing.