Suddenly new crashes C10 on opening older projects

Every new project and also older projects opened without a problem fine for the last two months.
But sinces a couple of days (maybe the last W10 fix-update??) older projects do crash my C10, at once, totally poof on the screen.
But this time it did make crashdumps (previously it did not).
Hopefully Martin can read them for me…?? I am very curious what the cause is this time.
The 2 projects i am currently working on open just fine.
Cubase 64bit 2019.4.6 10.24.dmp (894 KB)

It’s a pity that one cannot read those dumpfiles yourself, would cause way less posts here.
I de-installed the last W10 update and I can open every older project in C10 again.
So now I am causious to install every upcoming W10 update because I do not know for sure if that was the problem because one can’t read the crashdumps.
Sending to Steinberg is useless becasue of thre always very late reply.