Suddenly no sound from KONTAKT instruments

After a while with no problems, I Suddenly have no sound from The instruments within KONTAKT. All other VST instruments are working fine. If I close the project and reopen it, the sound from the KONTAKT instruments is back, but only for a while, before it starts all over again. I tried reading about similar issues on the internet, but i could not find a solution. Anyone have experience with this? Cubase 8.5, windows 10, free KONTAKT 5


Make sure, you don’t you send MIDI CC11 or other MIDI Controller, which controls the expression, please.

I don’t use any cc, only plain sound…

Do you mean just MIDI Notes?

What do you mean? It is as explained. Audio sound from the instruments inside of KONTAKT is lost.

That’s clear. My question is, what MIDI data do you send to NI Kontakt?

I open KONTAKT select an instrument record the sound everything is fine and then suddenly audio signal is gone.

What do you mean by “record the sound”? Do you record it to another Audio track? Or do you record the MIDI data? While playback, can you see incomming MIDI data to the Kontakt?

I’ve found that sometimes Kontakt’s sound engine will just flake out (Session Horns Pro frequently does this for me). But doing a reset in Kontakt gets it going again. Not sure I recall correctly (and not at DAW) but it might be an “!” button on the upper right side of the interface. I typically Render In Place when this happens and I’ve got the part finished so I don’t have to deal with this. Can take more than one attempt to successfully render. NI support was not helpful.

I have the same issue cubase 11 latest update
kontakt instruments just stop responding, have to reload

Me too. Oh well…