Suddenly - no sound from project

I’ve been working on a project for several weeks with no problems. Today I opened the project, hit ‘play’… nothing!
The project LOOKS as though it’s playing: Everything moves along nicely, meters bouncing around as normal - but no sound.

I’ve tried older BAK files of the project. More recent files won’t play, but older files WILL.

Other projects play fine.

Any ideas?

Certainly you have checked your connections and routings already before posting, haven´t you.?

Thanks thinkingcap,
Yes, I’ve checked and double-checked connections and everything else that I can think of. I’m far from being a CB guru, and fully accept that the fault lies with me and not CB…
Anyhow, my frustration got the better of me and I’ve installed an image of the drive created a month or so ago. All is now good. Cheers

Aloha K and excellent move!

To all newbies reading this.

This is why you should:
Back-up back-up back-up back-up back-up back-up etc.

Can’t say it enough.