Suddenly, undo and history no longer work!

Have just started a new project from scratch, using Play from EastWest and a few Cubase plugs.

While editing the drum track (first double-click, and then undock the drum editor, I discovered that undo no longer works. I see the events in History, but can’t go back.

This is potentially catastrophic if it happens on a real project, not just something I spent an hour creating just to play around with Cubase 9.

Can’t reproduce it as such, but the history remains frozen in this project.

Using Cubase 9.0.0 build 92


Cubase 9.5.30

Undo/Redo history exists but neither update the GUI nor executes any changes

I just posted something similar. I create a VST synth, start recording. When I hit stop the midi events are drawn but I can not double click to edit nor resize. And: Undo/history is no longer working.

My workaround: Duplicate the VST Synth track, then delete the troublesome track.
The new events are now editable. However history is still not working.


Did anybody get a solution to this? i just started having this problem

It’s come back to me as well. It’s killing me! No undo = the project is fu€ked.

Cubase 10.5 68