sugestion? volume lightweight freevst plugin 64 bit for osx

i would like a vst which is just a volume fader for doing automation on the volume and keep untouched the cubase fader.
requirements: OSx Mavericks, 64 bit and lightweight and if possible free.


try kvr theres usually good stuff there

You could try Sonalksis FreeG…Not sure if it’s working with latest cubase versions though. I haven’t used it in a long time.
Can’t you just use a VCA Fader to achieve the same thing?

thanks, i had seen FreeG but still didn’t try. I am still on cubase 7.5 and i am thinking in a not DAW dependant way of doing it. I think We have limited amount of vca faders also in 8. Just studing at the moment :slight_smile:

Thank you :wink:

Steinberg could really make such a small utility plugin, volume only, with the usual vst3 ability to rightclick knob and open automation for it. Maybe add adjustable +/- range. It would be very useful and very welcome addition.

You could use just about any of the smaller supplied FX that have an output control. Just put their settings so that no real signal processing occurs. Most are designed to not do anything more than absolutely necessary.

Seems that’s the most strange thing to want to do in a DAW! :confused: :confused:

I mean, with copious amounts of ways of having any number of automatable level controls as you want, without using any VSTs, you want to use a third-party plugin???

yes, the simplest possible or 2 versions …

the perfect scenario would be a native plugin, or better, each track by default with one in the background, … Is not strange if you put things this way: imagine you have a track full of volume automation, and you find that you want to increase the volume just a tiny bit. To do so you have to select all automation and edit all the automation again (select , blablabla) to do so. Alternatively if you you use a “volume plugin” you automate everything in there and then if you want to increase just a tiny bit you just use the track volume slider, mantaining the volume automation intact. Makes sense?

The basic way is to create a group and route via it. No VST plugin overhead there.

Of course, you can always select the automation curve, all or part of it, and shift it all up or down.

ofcourse! this is something achieved in lot’s of ways but a vst makes it simpler (and logic) IMO when it’s to be applied on a single track. Groups are for grouping. It’s kind of ugly and overhead too making a group with single track for this purpose.

All tracks have an individual gain knob in the mixer, doesn’t that solve your problem?

Not if that is what is already automated. The request is for something with which to tweak the overall level, without modifying the automation.

I have Sonalksis Free-G as the first insert of just about all my tracks, does what I think you are asking for just fine.

It has a few useful bells and whistles above and beyond the stock Cubase VST’s, like flip phase, RMS, etc. I also like the longer GUI throw, as I haven’t set up my control surface yet.

I remember before I got it I tried a few of the Cubase VSTs, but the first few I looked at didn’t have the ability to increase the gain, just decrease (like maybe Compressor, iirc). Since I sometimes use it to boost the input into another VST when the signal is too weak, that wouldn’t have cut the mustard.

So people automate the gain AND the volume fader and still feel the need to automate the volume of that track? Sounds like something is off in your workflow :confused:

Another reason to do what OP is asking for arises from the lack of “undo” in the mixer. Even if the gain trim isn’t automated, making changes there to audition volume changes brings the risk of things getting messed up later by not bringing it back to where it started when done (forgetting the exact value it was set to, or just forgetting completely). With that 3rd party fader, just bring it to zero all the time and you know you’re safe.

Not a great reason, but just one way to minimize operator error Fubars :smiley: .

Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if the Listen bus Dim level was changed to “Dim or Augment”, and was accessible directly from the Project window and mixer? Then these audition changes could be made without any changes to the project at all …

“gain AND the volume fader” <-- which gain you refer?, because i just know of volume fader in 7.5 maybe its hidden and i don’t know, that would be cool. Thanks
between i ment automating a fader (plugin) and the DAW fader to control the amplitude not to automate again

Wouldn’t it make more sense to automate the channel fader, then insert the plugin post fader to do your experimenting to find the right amount by which to trim the automation.

After doing the final adjustments to the automation, you could then remove the plugin.

The way you had it, you would have to leave the plugin in permanently, because it had all the automation on it.

In the mix console, in the “Pre” section there is a gain fader (or slider, actually, on mine). That adjusts the gain going into the track, after the input meter. It can be automated if desired, or otherwise just adjusted.

I agree … no need to automate 3 things, or probably even two!

I usually like mine as the 1st pre-fader insert, to help control signal strength going into plug-ins that might not have an input control of their own.