Suggest me please a "Mellotron-like" VST...

Hey Fellas,

I need an advice.

Could you please recommend me a VST for Cubase 5, ideally free one, which offers auto-accompaniment (rhytme-section, auto-chord harmony, and maybe some riffs) somewhat like this analogue Mellotron thing >>>

I am not after that specific old-tubes warmth tone, but features. The person i am intended to give this VST, along with my old copy of Cubase 5 (which i don’t use anyway since i’ve bought Cubase 7 :mrgreen:), has a very basic music knowledge… Basically none. :mrgreen:

My good old pal in a state of depression, after very long and troublesome relations, he is finally divorced. Instead of being happy, that this vicious viper is in the past, he seems never realized yet that the Life gave him a second chance :mrgreen: :slight_smile: At least, we are all convinced, that it was inevitable and we are glad that it finally happen.

I want to distract him a bit with songwritting. Few years ago, he was doing some “hip-hop and R&B” style music in FL studios: mostly just a background beat-rhytme, bass line, and something on top of it - lyrics or just some (atonal) melody. Forget about things like harmony.

He is not bad with melodies, has a midi keyboard, and I did explain him a basics of song writing ideas.

Ideally, is to get a free VST, consisting of pre-recorded samples of small orchestra, capable of building (at least basic) chords with just pressing a root note, and with a possibility to change the key; because I believe that 7 chords in same key wont do the trick. Although, i am 100% sure he wouldn’t need any jazzy chords, but if there would be features like auto 7th or 9th chords harmonization that would be even better!!!

Plus, some basic percussion rhytmes.

I can also buy one, but only if it’s not too expensive (not more than 50 eur). I have an old Kontakt (5.5) too, but preferably integrated directly into Cubase VST (because i am still using that Kontakt, lol).

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I saw already Native Instruments “George Duke Soul Treasures” and “Strummed Acoustic” – both are not what I really need. They both are (expensive and) offer just one tone: electric keys and acoustic guitars respectively. According to YouTube review, Soul Treasures is more like a data base of Riffs played by George Duke, however, i have to admit that Strummed Acoustic offers something I would like to have: the controls. The controls are great! But I’m looking for pre-recorded samples of small band/orchestra, not a single instrument.

Any ideas?

HALiotron comes with Cubase, but was introduced in 2013. It looks like C5 was from 2011. You could upgrade.

Man, thanks for reply, but this Haliotron not even close of what i am looking for. Just “lead instrument” thing.