Suggested Audio Card for Wavelab 7?

Sorry to keep on posting new topics for my problem, but I need to sort out this problem ASAP to meet some deadlines and I’m not getting any results with my other threads…

What audio cards are other people using with Wavelab 7? I am having too many problems with my Auzentech Meridian and can’t find a solution for stuttering playback and Wavelab crashing during playback of audio montages. I didn’t have these problems before I installed the Auzentech, so I’ve come to the conclusion that the card just isn’t compatible with WL7. I have a fast processor and 8GB of RAM, so it’s not a hardware issue.

What is a good quality audio card that others have used with good results? Has anyone used ASIO for All with good results?

I’m using my Steinberg CI1 with the tools for CI1 driver. Let me tell you, it’s solid as a rock with Wavelab!! :smiley:

You might could download ASIO4ALL and give it a try, but I rarely use anything but drivers recommended by the manufacturers when using an interface.

Yes, the CI1 is looking like a good (and not too expensive) option. I have also tried switching from C-Media Oxygen and Microsoft Sound Mapper in my Audio Streaming Settings to get around the terrible playback issues I’ve been having, but the results are inconclusive. I’m thinking that C-Media and Wavelab don’t completely get along. :confused:

This is a weird config, but I have a PreSonus Firebox, M-Audio Delta 44, a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 and a Creative Labs Soundblaster x-fi in my rig, and I have used them all successfully with WaveLab. I use them for different things, but again, they all work.

I seem to have solved my playback problem by choosing Windows MME for my playback option in Audio Streaming Settings. Everything sounds fine, no skipping or stuttering, and I can also switch to audio in different programs. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that C-Media Oxygen and Wavelab just don’t get along.

Now that I have this problem solved, I think I will go with a small Mackie mixing board instead of the Steinberg CI1, which mainly seems to be for recording.