suggested feature in Vari Audio

i would like to ask to implement the following feature which would increase workflow (IMHO) tremendously:
in the Vari Audio editor i have to switch between the pitch correction mode and the segment handle mode by mouse choice.
a simple key modifier (like in the other tools) would make things MUCH faster:
for example in the pitch mode ALT would turn the cursor into scissors.


the Tab key toggles it !

That’s it…

wonderful! that works.
why can i not find that function in the manual?
why does the key modifier not show under preferences with the other modifiers?

I don´t know why you can´t, but if it helps: it´s in the text, not the pictures…

Where in preferences does it show any modifier keys…?

Wow…this bugged the hell outta me too. Good to know the tab key works. Thanks