Suggested Graphics Card..instead of NVIDEA


With all the Nvidea issues what is the suggested graphics card and driver for optimal performance ? :bulb:



What issues?
And for what purpose? Any low end graphics card will do for Cubase.

Are you running NVIDEA ?

I used to run nvidea up untill a few weeks ago without issues, I’m currently using onboard graphics from my Intel CPU.

What issues ???

I have been using Nvidea cards Gforce 7000, 8000, and 9000 series cards in my DAWS for years.
Has worked fine on both Win-XP and Win-7.
I am currently running a GeForce 9400 on a win-7 system with N6, N6.5 and N7 on it with no problems.

What issues are you having ??

Which driver version are you running ?

No problems with Nvidia for me either (forever).

Currently running the least expensive GDDR5 card I could find (GTX 650).

Running the latest available from Windows update: Driver 358.91

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GeForce 9400GT on a Win-7 system with N6, N6.5 ,N7
Driver date 8/17/15
Nvidia control panel driver 341.81

I still have not had any video/graphic problems.


I’m running an NVidea GeForce GT 630 for dual display. No issues whatsoever.
I’ve received update messages saying there are newer drivers, but those are simply improvements for gaming, and I refuse to download them.

I am running a GTX760 with no issues Windows7 and Cubase8 pro. I am building a new comp this week and haven’t yet decided whether to just use on board graphics or grab a quiet NVidea card (haven’t looked into what that will be yet)

The GeForce 9400GT that I mentioned is on my secondary system.
On my primary system I am using the onboard graphics of a Intel mother board
Intel HD Graphics 4600 (on board graphics model #)

So you can do it with an onboard, just make sure it is a good one.


I’m thinking of picking up the ASUS strix 750ti or the 950. Their fans wont turn on unless it gets over 65 degrees Celsius. And I think I will begrudge even the small amount of system memory the on board graphics will take from RAM. I’ll run it for a week or so first and see how it goes.

I’ve had nothing but trouble with Nvidia Geforce drivers newer than the March v347.88 driver version. The most common driver problem I have, is frequent OpenGL kernel crashes when I use Cubase 8, where the driver try to recover itself after the crash. After a black screen + recovery of the driver, Cubase becomes unstable and has to be restarted.

But since I went back to the older v347.88 driver, all the crashes are gone completely.

I’m using a Zotac GT720 gfx card on Win8.1 & Win10. I haven’t seen any bad things yet on Win 10 yet, but with Win 8.1 and drivers newer than v347.88, stability is bad.

I don’t do gaming on my 8.1 partition, so I can’t say anything about stability in games.

I’m still using the older march driver version (347.88), and not a single crash since I installed it. So before Nvidia made Windows 10 driver, everything runs smoothly here. With the introduction to the windows 10 driver (from v350.xx), something made the driver unstable to use for “normal” windows work, like working in Cubase.