Suggested use of Rehearsal Marks

Working in a project with tens of instruments, spanning hundreds of bars it’s easy to spend far too much time navigating around a full score.

I find using Rehearsal Marks a useful navigation aide; after all, that’s what they are for, handy references which likely relate to the structure of the piece.

I have used Rehearsal Marks to parcel up units of note input or proof-reading work.
And I temporarily make distinctive (eg double or dashed) bar lines at the Rehearsal Marks as a vertical guide so that I can see where I am as I scroll around the bowels of an un-condensed score.

I was wondering if it would make sense for Dorico to understand a little more about the meaning of Rehearsal Marks. For example, some suggestions:

  • a Go to next / previous Rehearsal Mark command

  • Galley Mode to show the Rehearsal Mark or some abbreviation or icon instead of / as well as the bar number

You can select a Rehearsal mark, and go to next/previous with the arrow keys.


Yes, that’s true.
Useful if you’re working already near to a Rehearsal Mark.

Worth mentioning markers? While the are in the menu section for working with video, they don’t require video to work. That would give you a list of places in the score to jump to in any order that you needed with text, and nice that a forest of markers you use for composing don’t necessarily have to be visible later to players which might find them unnecessary.

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Thanks for the suggestions about Markers, and next/ previous Rehearsal Mark which have their uses but don’t really meet everything I am after, particularly “Go To”

  • You’d have to find a Rehearsal Mark first; select it; then go to next / previous. OK, but a bit long-winded.

However, I now use Comments to whiz about a large score. This is by far the quickest way of getting to specific areas of the score.

I still think “Go to Rehearsal Mark” is a good idea. But in lieu of such a command Dorico’s Comments are really useful. For example, add (and move around) a “You are here” comment in a bar that I am focusing on means that the RH Panel / Zone’s list of comments gives instant access to that bar.

Following on from that: Dorico could expand the Rehearsal Mark tool to open a list of Rehearsal Marks with their bar numbers (in much the same manner as comments). Click on an entry to go there. How about that?


I’ve just discovered that there is a command (that I have assigned to control+option+command+R) for Go to Rehearsal Mark on my iPad.


Not 100% what I had in mind but 88% super useful!