Suggestion: A Cubase webpage with the tutorials

This is not a feature request, but a suggestion: Make a web page with all the tutorials you have been recording all these years, well sorted to make easier learn and master cubase.

You have already done A LOT of very useful videos, which are incredibly well done in some cases. The problem for me is finding them, especially when I don’t know exactly what I should look for.

So, in order to improve the experience, you could do a web page inside the Cubase main one in which you have the videos well sorted and with every aspect they work and the version of the program they use documented in the description.

Youtube is a good host, but the problem is that you need to know what are you looking for in order to find it. You could make ir more organized.

Cockos Reaper has a similar feat in their webpage, I think you should do the same.

I love Cubase, but I feel I’m losing a lot of information and I don’t want to spend full days looking for videos aimlessly.

The hard part, recording the videos, has been already done.

This is a good idea. Steinberg may or may not do it on their website.

I agree it would be useful. We can just take matters into our own hands and make it right now. It’s not too much work. I can easily do this on my own website. I already have a section for recording and music production lessons anyway and I know a lot of Cubase users go to the site so I could do it as I think my viewers would find it useful.

You mentioned the videos aren’t sorted the way you want them due to how YouTube works. Since you’re watching lots of them anyway, if you’re willing to sort them and tell me the ones that you found most useful, I can make what you want, embed them on my website in a logical order and we can post a to it on the forum here so other people can find it.

You can send me a PM and we can talk about what you have in mind.


The problem is keyword indexing. You have to know the keyword of the concept in order to even begin to find something.

For example: take the word ‘find’… some programs use ‘search’… some say ‘locate’.

The important thing is to have ALL the possible keywords indexed and that has been a real shortcoming of Cubase documentation since basically forever.

Steinberg University

I’ve sent you a PM. Thank you!

I refloat this post because recently I know a tutorial model for what I was asking for:

I started learning Studio One 5 and I discovered a tutorial in Groove3 from Zero to Hero.

This one by Eli Krantzberg :

Definitely, Cubase 11 should have one like this (by Dom or Greg?), it will be definitely awesome a “Cubase 11 Explained”. I don’t mind if it’s in Groove3 or if it’s internal from Steinberg, but it will make Cubase experience much better.

It’s not even close.

Have you checked out Steinbergs YouTube page? You can search within YouTube pages. Go to PlayLists and or use the search icon

Groove3 has Cubase explained for versions 10 and 10.5. So it’s likely they will make one for 11. But I don’t understand why Steinberg doesn’t provide a video series of this level of quality and detail directly. It would help drive knowledge of the product and bring in new users. PreSonus has been strong in making new tutorial videos available on YouTube with each point release.

take3, it has “MIDI explained”, but not the whole program. Or at least I have not been able to find them using the groove 3 search bar.

The one by Eli is very exhaustive about Studio One 5, and not only the new features. I wish something similar exist for Cubase 11 (or 10.5).

lovegames, I’ve checked the youtube page. The problem is that you find only the things you’re looking for (or the things you discover by chance). It doesn’t have a comprehensive guide about the program.

The video that st10ss posted was a “first steps” into… Cubase 7. There is a lot of “first steps” videos, what I’m asking for is a series of tutorials “from zero to hero”, organized and easy to follow. Like the one by Eli. I don’t mind if it’s not free, but it has to exist first.

I just found this but it looks like an FTP and Windows 95 straight from the 90s :smiley:

reztes, I’ve found that Groove3 has a weak search feature. I’ve at times had trouble finding video sets there, especially when using the mobile app. But the content is excellent. Here are the links for recent Cubase 10/10.5 content besides the MIDI Explained one.

They also have videos for past versions, and those are still fairly relevant given that the UI hasn’t changed much over the years.

Thank you both!