Suggestion: An additional use for existing key command (dynamics)

One of the most common operations I find myself doing is changing my mind about dynamics - adjusting them one up or down from where they were.

Hitting Shift+D again and typing the new one isn’t super slow by any means, but it’s not the fastest either.

However, when you have a dynamic selected, the key command for shortening or lengthening notes (ALT+SHIFT+Arrow) doesn’t do anything. Would there be merit in re-purposing it when dynamics are selected to push the dynamic up or down, one through the common dynamics available (eg ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT pushes it from mp to mf, or similar)?

Not only would it be a touch quicker, it’s actually closer to the thought process, which tends to be ‘this needs to be louder/quieter’ rather than ‘I need a new dynamic that isn’t the one that’s here’’.

I’m sure there might be things I haven’t thought it here, but a quicker way to change dynamics up or down is something I’d find useful.


Yes, this has been suggested before, though I think the original proposal was to use e.g. Alt+up/down to increase/decrease the dynamic level. I hope we’ll be able to implement this in future.

Ah, that would make sense.

Weirdly I never noticed till this moment that I visualize dynamics as being on a horizontal plane with ppp towards the far left and fff towards the right.