Suggestion: An Updated Control Hardware

I think Steinberg should think about a new control surface for Cubase and Nuendo.
They updated the channel strip to be more than useful several versions ago, but it’s still not possible to configure a generic controller in a convenient way to work with it.

Softube showed this their Console 1 how great it is to control plugins in an “analog way” with buttons and dials and stuff.
The CC 121 is very outdated even though its eq section is usable until today.

So I sat down and designed a control surface for Cubase and Nuendo in a small form factor, basically a mini-nuage for normal people. You can Check the pictures I attached for more info.

It is a full fletched channel strip controller with Cubase AI. A 100mm motorized fader and scribble strip including a led light, that resembles the track colour.

It has a section for every important part of the cubase Channel strip with dedicated controlls.

Input Section

  • Input Gain

  • HPF

  • LPF

  • Phase


  • Threshold

  • Type

  • Ratio

  • Attack/Release

  • Makeup Gain

  • Mix


  • Threshold

  • Type

  • Range

  • Attack/Release


  • Frequency

  • Q-Factor

  • Gain

  • Type

  • On/Off per Band

Full Transport Section

AI Knob for Jogging, Control Room Volume and AI Remote

Nuage Touch Strip for Channel Scrolling, Tap Tempo, Zomm, Locate etc.

LED Metering next to Fader

Shift Key for User Assignable Buttons

It could be expandable with a fader unit with like 4 faders.

Something like this would be a dream come true, but maybe I’m alone :smiley: Tell me what you think about the current controller situation.

I’m using a Mix of CMC, Faderport and AVIDs Artist Series with a console 1, but it takes just so much space. I love the console 1, but it would be great to really be able to work with the Channel Strip in Cubase instead of using a third-party plugin to basically do the same.

Greetings from Germany!


You did this mockup? You should be getting a job.

Really nice design

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Thanks! Yeah, I did it. I wanted to get back into cad, so I took the opportunity :smiley:

Thank you. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one who likes the idea

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Is Steinberg taking pre-orders yet? That’s freaking sweet! Excellent job.

Thank you! I wish they’d do :smiley:

I added another module with 4 Faders, that clip to the right of the Main Module and I changed some dimensions. The Transport module is missing in the render but it is still WIP.

Are you a Groove Agent user? If you’re wanting to play with more CAD…

You seriously need to consider to start own company as hardware manufacturer. These designs are top notch. Just amazing :open_mouth:

I would really consider a Kickstarter or sth cause I know some companies and manufacturers that would do an excellent job making sth like this.
But the support of Steinbergs AI in Cubase is one of the USPs of the product and since they’re owned by Yamaha I highly doubt there’s a possibility for third-party manufacturers to build custom hardware for their software…

I rarely use GA…I’m a Maschine user, but i recently used it is some tracks. sth like Presonus’ Atom would be neat

Bump. Wow! Would be great.

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I like the design, but I think the industry standard is Fabfilter and Ozone. Nobody uses the stock EQ. Everybody uses different compressors, but not the stock one. A lot of studios use UAD etc. The updated control hardware from Steinberg should center around plug-ins and MIDI Learn.

May be true, but a midi learn functionality is already supported and pretty easy to implement via the generic controller, QCs or the Remote Control Editor. The whole point of the controller is to feature an advanced integration in the abilities Cubase already has.

The Channel strip is great, and it sounds great for all day mixing and hands on control. I use the EQ and Compression of the strip a lot!
Additionally, it would feature expanded transport and send capabilities without relying on the gruesome MCU/HUI protocol.
The Console 1 is definitely a main inspiration, but the duty to load their plugin AND switch banks to control channels is getting on my nerves, especially with production projects with 300+ tracks.

Yes! This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’ve wondered how to make this happen with a generic controller, and so far I’ve been quite unsure if I could get all these features incorporated. This controller would fit all my needs, as I love the built-in channel strip and pre-section, and would love a motorized fader for automation. I would like to see the saturation module included as well, though.

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I’d buy in a heartbeat.

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the Saturation module is a bit tricky since the controls differ widely across the selection. But I’m sure there would be a way. I found one for the Comp, too after all.

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