Suggestion: automatic syllable splitting for lyrics

One of the things I love most about how Dorico is built, is that it does not let you make mistakes in things that are standards. For example - the beaming and ties are decided automatically based on the note position and length, the meter, and the preferences. That makes it easy to focus on the actual music and let Dorico take care of the “correctness” and “readability” of the score.

One thing that I feel like I have too much freedom with is lyrics. Specifically, writing lyrics for words with more than one syllable. Generally, there is just one correct answer how a word should be split to syllables (according to the language / grammatical rules), however, I can write whatever I want, and I have no checking for that:

(I believe the first one is the grammatically correct one)

It would be nice if you could configure Dorico’s lyrics language, and have it use a dictionary to automatically correct these mistakes.


Until Dorico has time to reinvent the wheel…

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Your feature request is nice!

There would be some problems though:

In a dictionary like the German “Duden” there are only the basic forms of the nouns and verbs and it will be incredibly hard to detect in which “configuration” the word is used and which word is referenced at all. There could be licensing issues with the dictionary provider and it would have to be downloaded or Dorico would need an internet connection for it to work (I dislike applications except for the browser that need internet connection to work :smiley: ). And lastly it would be unfair because probably not every language could be implemented and then the users say “why is my language not implemented” yada yada yada…

If there were universal logical rules for syllable splitting in every language then it probably would be already implemented, but sadly you need dictionary to know if a syllable is the stem or a prefix or…


I wouldn’t personally object to Dorico using the internet if the request is fast, and the software still works without it. Also, I don’t think it should be such a problem for the dictionary to be local (software’s like Microsoft word has spell checking)

But I do get the challenges involved.

In English, the word record is hyphenated as re-cord when used as a verb and as rec-ord when used as a noun. You cannot rely on automatic hyphenation unless the types of words are identified.