Suggestion: Button to start playback at next flow

The button to rewind playback at the beginning of last flow is excellent, and recently it seems to have been changed to cycle back one flow at a time. Nothing wrong with this, it’s great. However in a larger project with several flows I’m noticing that I wish to quickly start playback a couple of flows ahead of where I’m working at. How about a button next to it to jump ahead and start playback at the next flow in sequence? I’ve attached a mockup of sort of what I’m trying to get at.
Unrelated to this, but I had been wondering what the deal is with the tempo display. In the score, I have set the tempo as 56, yet the description display changes it to 55.9999. Is there some reason behind why Dorico won’t allow “56” as a tempo but instead always changes it to 55.9999? This occurs in other values, sometimes rounding .0001 up, too. Of course I understand there’s no practical difference with a .0001 difference in tempo in reality, but I was still curious why Dorico happens to behave this way.

I expect part of the technical reason is that the MIDI standard defines tempos as “microseconds per quarter note” which is “60 million divided by the number of beats per minute”. Since the tempo definition can only be a whole number of microseconds, most tempos in BPM can not be represented exactly, but as you say there is no practical difference. 56 BPM is exactly 1,071,428 + 4/7 microseconds per quarter note, but this gets rounded up to 1,071,429, which is a tiny bit slower.

In Engraving Options / Tempo you can set the number of decimal places used to display tempos. If you are fitting music cues to picture in film music you might need an accuracy of one or two decimal places, but otherwise “0” is a good value to use!

That makes sense Rob. Thanks for the detailed clarification!