Suggestion: chord posistion

I hope in the next version it is possible to place the chord symbols under the staff.

Now it is already possible to insert the lyrics text above or below the staff, if it were possible this also for the chord symbols would it be fantastic!

Unfortunately it’s very hard move manually chord symbol in Engrave Mode, but it is the only possibility and the result is not very precise.

in Italy it is typical to do the scores like that (see the attachment example)

Thank you very much!

It is actually not difficult to move the chord symbols.

Switch to Engrave mode, click on one chord symbol, and use Ctrl-Shift-A (Select More) twice to select all the chord symbols in that system. Then just drag them down below the staff. Or you can set the Y-offset to something like -10, since we are not yet able to use constrained dragging.

Chord symbols are horizontally aligned across each system, so it’s probably best to select and move them one system at a time. I noticed in your example that the chord symbols below the staff do not align horizontally… that would require a little more adjustment.

Or select everything using the System Track, Filter Chord Symbols, switch to Engrave mode and set the following property:

If the offset works globally, I guess Ctrl-Shift-A three times would do the same thing as the filter…

Thank you very Much!

This is correct, of course.