Suggestion: collision detection

I recently finished proofing some large orchestra scores, and despite my best efforts, I missed a few egregious collisions.

I would find it incredibly helpful to have some sort of collision checker at the end of the engraving process. Something that would perhaps show in red highlight (like the cue suggestion dialog) certain spacing issues:

  • rehearsal marks or text that exceeds the music frame or page margins
  • staves that are compressed to less than the ideal gaps because of a tight system
  • any other collision, or elements that have been forced closer together than the preset padding values.

This would be so incredibly helpful for proofreading scores, allowing the editor to decide which positionings were problematic and which could be overlooked, and giving him or her confidence that the score was free from bad collisions.

Thanks for the consideration.

Thanks for this suggestion - I second it!

In a future version you will find an indicator at the bottom of each music frame when using the staff spacing tool that will show whether the frame is overfull, in much the same way that you can already see whether a system is overfull in the horizontal dimension when using the note spacing tool.

Great! Thanks Daniel.