Suggestion concerning the little box with slurs in engrave mode


just an idea: why don’t you change the size of the little boxed handles used to move parts of the slur to exactly one square space, preferably with a little grid pattern representing say 1/4 space? So it would be possible to have perfect matches all the time and one could always say the distance to stems, noteheads and lines in engrave mode in every zoom degree.
The grid could only appear with a certain zoom level to avoid clattering.
What do you think?

Thanks for the suggestion. We have certainly discussed showing an optional grid in Engrave mode, but it’s not something you’re likely to see imminently.

I second the suggestion of an optional grid. (In Sibelius I use the graph paper background!)

As I wrote before: Thank you for your reply and please forgive me for not visiting the forum soon after posting again. Meanwhile, I have learned that one hit of the arrow in the right zoom level is the equivalent of an eighth of a rastral (or how do you express it right?), that helps a lot already.