Suggestion: Create custom layout from selection.

I find myself every time again selecting a couple of layouts in Setup Mode and then right mouse click to turn it into a custom layout, probably because I do this in Logic/Cubase all the time when routing tracks to a summing bus. Would this be interested to add I Dorico? Just an idea.

Do you mean that you select a few FLOWS to make a custom layout? Or that you have a few layouts with particular instruments that you would like to combine into a larger score? If it’s the first, then I’d second your suggestion.

I can’t instantly imagine how Dorico should handle which players should appear in such a layout…

Indeed. I could see, however, it being useful to pre-select players and flows and then click the “new layout” button and have something generated that way, rather than creating it with everything already added and then having to go back and uncheck everything you don’t want.

Andre can of course speak for himself, but I imagine he meant Players, even if a Layout can of course be an instrumental part of one player. I imagined the same as Romanos. You might also have two layouts with many players that you might want to sum afterwards, but I imagine one would survive the hut of having to reselect players, because this method would already be saving you time.

I mean Layouts. So for example select all the woodwinds from the right side layout section, and from the context menu choose “Create Custom Layout”. And of course this takes into account the already assigned players and flows to those separate layouts.

I actually meant which FLOWS should be selected - all of the ones that exist in each of the selected layouts, or just ones that are selected in all of the selected layouts. Sorry - my bad!

I meant it how I typed it: select players and flows and press “custom layout” so only those things are collated together.