Suggestion (Dorico Pro 3): curved arrows

For music theory purposes, it would be very helpful to add some curved arrows to the Lines menu (or somewhere else).

Here is an example with imported graphics in Engrave mode, but it results in something far from desirable.

Can I expect that in future updates? Thanks a lot!
Curved arrow.jpeg

Daniel has alluded to the fact that the dev team will eventually implement a custom line designer. Perhaps we will be able to finagle this in a future version even if it isn’t baked in from the factory.

One potentially nice solution for this would be if handles were implemented for manipulating lines with bezier curves. I can imagine the option to break lines into X number of segments with independent handles much like multi-segmented slurs now. That would be neat. (Daniel has not made any hint in this latter regard so don’t over read my statement.) In a case like this a single handle in the middle to create an arc would be perfect.

Hi, I need to add curved arrows. I made an svg of a curved arrow with Adobe Illustrator. I replaced the “right arrow black” with it and now need to find it to add it. Maybe I will swap out something else. Any thoughts on how to access easily your “custom” symbol?

You could add it as a custom playing technique.

The manual specifically says you can’t add one. Where is that? Awesome! Thanks!

See Creating custom playing techniques

The manual entry for the Music Symbol Editor does indeed explain that you can’t create new Music Symbols, but Playing Techniques are a different beast with a separate editor.

Wonderful, same interface as the other one. However, it is for analysis. I need the arrow with the origin at the chord. When I move the arrow over on the grid, it still centers it. When I fake it out by adding one character of text, like a little underline, it works, but then I have this weird underline to the far left. If I could color the underline white, that would work, but can’t seem to change the font color.
Have you tried importing a graphic, moving it to the right on the grid and seeing if it will show up not centered but to the right of the selected note?
Thanks for thoughts.

You can get close, here’s something I’m trying to do (the tonic curved arrow)


This isn’t a bad substitute, with the great advantage that you get inline text


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As I recall @dankreider had a set of arrow symbols some time ago, perhaps they would help if Dan can still provide the link.

Yeah MusAnalysis does this pretty nicely.

Funny, I got that roman analysis using MusAnalysis.

Any thoughts on roman analysis being in 4? For some reason I have a feeling it will show up, as a natural follow on to figured bass.

You know MusAnalysis does that curvy arrow too, right?