Suggestion: double-tap duration gets broken by note entry

A small change request for double-tapping for dotted notes. I’m encountering this error constantly. Would it be possible to set the double-tap so it’s “broken” by the inputting of a note via MIDI? That is, 5 [note] 5 [note] 5 [note] 5 would always return eighths, no matter how quickly the keys were pressed.

That would fix my issue with unintended dotted notes, and perhaps others’ as well. Right or wrong, I have a habit of re-striking a duration number before entering a note, and if I move quickly enough, I’m triggering the dot. Thanks.


dan, can’t you advance like this?
5 [note] [note] [note] [note]

Yes of course, that’s the proper way. I’m admitting I have a firmly established habit of re-striking the duration key before each MIDI note press, and I’ve seen other users say the same.

I am just guessing, is this because of switching from Finale?

Probably. It’s totally ingrained now.

Hopefully you don’t use “5” as part of your passwords - in case the key is giving up early :wink:

I totally agree that any other form of “input” should break the double-tap recognition, be it from the keyboard or the keyboard.

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Or have a time limit between double-taps, say … uh… 1 second?

No good, I think. Experienced users would be frustrated by that time limitation.

Double-click and key-repeat time intervals are well established system UI parameters on both Mac and Windows. Dorico should follow the user’s double-click interval for this type of keystroke if at all possible, and in addition what Estigy said.


Double tapping to specify a dotted note duration doesn’t always work for me. Sometimes I have to do “tripple” tapping. (for example pressing 5 for eight notes three times)
Does anyone experience this?