Suggestion for a feature

I’m working on a rather large project with many frames and text elements on each page. It can be quite difficult to see if each frame is placed well because the text and notes are “drowned” in green/blue frame boxes and signposts. I would love a feature to toggle ALL boxes and signposts on/off by using a single key command. Also when I move/change texts it is often hidden behind the signposts making it difficult and sometimes impossible to grab the text.

It’s possible that you may be able to do this by recording a macro.


Pretty sure this has been mentioned — But I hope we get a “mute” selection on this dropdown See attached. Mute for anything highlighted whether a single note, bar, or whole staff.

There is a “Muted” property in the Common group of the Properties panel. I’m not sure for which types of events it has actually been implemented, though.