Suggestion for manual

Recently I had to set a score with quarter tones (actually Persian accidentals) for the first time. I found relevant entries in the manual but was unsuccessful until I tracked down a video explaining how to set up a 24 EDO score.

May I suggest that links to videos be included in the manual? It would be ever so helpful.

This is something we’ve looked at in the manuals team, but it’s not as simple as it sounds (is anything?) so we’ve not done this yet - however, it is something we can see the benefit of. (Just one facet - web links are prone to change, which presents maintenance issues; and anything that requires regular maintenance in large projects like the Steinberg manuals is something we have to be quite careful about.)

I did recently improve the area of the manual dealing with custom tonality systems, including adding a step-by-step general guide to the process, but because the manual has to cover every possible scenario it can’t be too specific, so a dedicated tutorial video could well be more directly helpful in situations like this.

Is there a way to write n the manual that videos are available in the Dorico YouTube channel, without specifically pointing to the exact one? At least readers have a clue they exist.

I see your problems Lilly, but nevertheless I hope, that one day this comes true. An EPUB like format were videos are linked or embeded would be the top of the notch. Perhaps you could store your videos on a Steinberg cloud solution, where the links won’t change, as they do in YouTube … Just a suggestion … Because that would be a unique selling proposition in terms of user friendliness!

This is already mentioned on this page here (which is the second result in the online help when you search “tutorial”). In general though, the most useful place for a hint like that is probably more likely “at each place in the docs where something is mentioned for which a video exists”, rather than a single mention near the beginning, and again that is a maintenance/time/translation cost to add at this stage. (Not that that would prevent us doing it, just that these are the things we have to consider.)

Please do rest assured it is something the manuals team is considering and looking into - and also we are currently running a user survey about Steinberg’s documentation, the results of which we are already starting to look at. Feel free to respond to it!